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Boron imide, B2(NH)3

Boron imide, B2(NH)3, is best prepared by heating the compound B2S3.6NH3 at 115° to 120° in a rapid stream of ammonia for some days: -

B2S3.6NH3 = B2(NH)3 + 3NH4.SH.

Boron imide is a light, white powder, insoluble in alcohol, ether, carbon disulphide, and liquid ammonia. It begins to decompose at 125° to 130° with the evolution of ammonia, and at a slightly higher temperature is completely resolved into, boron nitride and ammonia. When boiled with water, boron imide is decomposed into ammonia and boric acid.

Boron imide is a feebly basic compound, and when added to liquid hydrogen chloride it forms a white hydrochloride, B2(NH)3.3HCl, insoluble in organic media, and decomposed by heat or water.

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