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Perfluoboric acid

This acid is not known, but several perfluoborates have been prepared.

Potassium fluohyperborate

Potassium fluohyperborate, K4B4F4O11.H2O, is prepared by dissolving the compound B2O3.2KF in cold water, adding a slightly alkaline solution of hydrogen peroxide, then adding alcohol and stirring. The dry salt is a white, crystalline solid. The aqueous solution is alkaline and slowly evolves oxygen; dilute sulphuric acid added to the solution liberates hydrogen peroxide. Concentrated sulphuric acid decomposes the substance, ozonised oxygen being evolved.

The potassium salt

The potassium salt, K2B2F2O6.H2O or O2(BF.O.OK)2.H2O, and the ammonium salt, (NH4)2B2F2O6.3H2O, have also been obtained.

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