Chemical elements
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    Chemical properties
      Boron Hydrides
      Boron trihydride
      Boron halogen
      Boron trifluoride
      Hydrofluoboric acid
      Potassium borofluoride
      Fluoboric acid
      Perfluoboric acid
      Boron subchloride
      Boron trichloride
      Boron tribromide
      Boron tri-iodide
      Oxides of Boron
      Tetraboron trioxide
      Boron dioxide
      Tetraboron pentoxide
      Boron sesqui-oxide
      Boron trioxide
      Boric anhydride
      Boric Acids
      Orthoboric acid
      Boric acid
      Boracic acid
      Complex Boric Acids
      Perboric Acid and Perborates
      Sodium perborate
      Sodium hyperborate
      Potassium perborate
      Rubidium perborate
      Ammonium perborate
      Barium perborate
      Boron sesquisulphide
      Boron trisulphide
      Boron pentasulphide
      Boron selenide
      Boron nitride
      Boron amide
      Boron imide
      Boron phosphide
      Boron phospho-iodides
      Boron carbide
      Boron thiocyanate
      Boron Alkyls
      Boron trimethyl
      Boron Silicides and

Potassium borofluoride, KBF4

Potassium borofluoride, KBF4, may be prepared as follows: - Boric acid (1 part) and calcium fluoride (2.5 parts) are heated with boiling sulphuric acid (5.25 parts). The liquid is cooled and filtered, and a solution of a potassium salt added. Potassium borofluoride is precipitated; it is re- crystallised from hot water. Thus obtained, it forms anhydrous, shining, six-sided, prismatic crystals of density 2.5, and is orthorhombic (a:b:c = 0.7898:1:1.2830), being isomorphous with the rubidium salt, RbBF4 (a:b:c = 0.8067:1:1.2948; density = 2.820). When prepared from hydrofluoric acid, boric acid, and potassium carbonate, however, it forms a gelatinous mass which is converted at 100° into crystals belonging to the cubic system and showing the faces of the octahedron and dodecahedron.

The following borofluorides are also known (Berzelius): -

LiBF4; CsBF4; Ca(BF4)2.xH2O; Pb(BF4)2; NaBF4; (NH4)BF4; Ba(BF4)2.H2O; Cu(BF4)2; KBF4; Mg(BF4)2.xH2O; Al(BF4)3.xH2O; RbBF4; Zn(BF4)2; Y(BF4)3.xH2O

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